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Whether it’s for yourself or business, let us take care of the paperwork so that getting back what’s yours is effortless!

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Don’t stress about taxes this year!  Our team of experienced professionals are here to help you achieve your maximum refund and make filing a breeze.

Tax Preparation

Alejandra “Alex” Means



Hi! I'm Alex

I am the Founder of, a Tennessee firm providing tax services help for all taxpayer’s needs. I am licensed by the Internal Revenue Service as an Enrolled Agent (EA), a federal program authorizing me to represent taxpayers before IRS. 

My Services

How can I help You?


A business bookkeeping consultation is the first step to starting a successful business.

Tax Preparation

Our tax preparation services will put you in the best financial position! Put our experience to work for you or your business today!


If you’re looking for an experienced bookkeeper, you’ve come to the right place.

Tax Audit Consult

If you get a letter from the IRS or have been audited and want to know your options, or if you have questions about a particular tax situation, this service is for you

Client Testimonials

"Alex helped us in a really timely manner. She made time for us to answer any questions and would reply quickly. When I had questions, she would explain very well so that I could understand! She made me feel at ease. I will definitely use her services again!”
"Alejandra Means is a very professional tax lady! She has been doing our taxes for 8+ years and we have never had a problem with them. We always get back max refund, and the process is quick and easy. She always answers with extreme knowledge our questions and it's always available for us. We are very happy with our Tax Lady!
"Alejandra solved my problem quickly and explained everything to me. I will be using her in the future and will recommend to others!"
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